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8 hours ago

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6 days ago

During the week, what are best times to do early voting at LBE?
Is there a better day of week? Thank you 💙
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I went last Thursday at 10a. Almost walked right in.

Do not go right when it opens. Half hour before close is also a good time

So, would Tuesday at 10 am be a good time, per se? 😅 Thank you! 🤣💙

I went around 10am and it took maybe 15-20 min tops. Super efficient.

Thank you! Went around 3pm in the rain and it was super efficient!

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6 days ago

Mobile UploadsTo the Editor:

The Republican candidates for commissioner have incessantly complained about the sales tax rate in Lorain County. Their actions belie their talk.
The Lorain county sales tax rate is 6.75% but of that amount the state imposed rate is 5.75%. The sales tax we pay in Lorain county was set by the Republicans in Columbus which includes Senator Nathan Manning and his mother State Representative Gayle Manning. Our commissioners have operated efficiently on a 1% sales tax. The Republican controlled state has the remaining 5.75%. Why haven't they cut it?
Hung and Moore the Republican candidates for commissioner criticize the Democrats, but they are running as a team and, if elected would control the commission, yet neither one of them has said they would roll back the sales tax. Why not?
None of the Republicans have told us how they would improve our county which is growing and prospering, unless mowing down protestors with machine gun fire and not wearing a pesky mask is considered an improvement. Bottom line, they, like their president, are long on rhetoric, silent on a plan.
Lorain County is blue and prosperous. After November 3rd it will be more so.

Anthony B,. Giardini
Chairman, Lorain County Democratic Party
Lorain, Ohio
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1 week ago

Back in August, after we caught wind of dirty polls testing outrageous, fallacious attacks against me, Rep. Manning claimed she was "more than willing to run a clean campaign." This claim turned out to be completely false, as the Manning campaign has now taken to the airwaves in what can only be described as an active disinformation campaign.

Let's call the ad what it is: a desperate effort by a failing campaign to turn around bad polling numbers.

So I ask, why is the Columbus establishment so desperate to keep Rep. Manning in office? Because we have a plan to end their corrupt pay-to-play politics.

Read more about our plan and how we're going to clean up the culture of corruption in our state capital:
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    I am a Democrat. I belong to the political party which first recognized the dignity, and which first exalted the worth of the working men and women of America.

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    – From the Lewis County Democratic Club, in Washington State, written by Bill Ullom.