We are the Avon Lake Democrats

Lorain County Democratic Party Statement of Core Values

Henry, Jean, Judy, and Bill

Pictured from left to right: Henry Bertorelli, Jean Sekulic, Judy Robertson, and Bill Svec.

The Lorain County Democratic Party’s guiding principle is that all people are best served by an economic system that is reasonably regulated by a free and open, democratically elected government. Good government is responsive and accountable to the residents it serves. To that end, the LCDP adopts the following core values:

1. A strong, productive and expanding middle class is the single most effective way to create opportunities for the poorest members of our society while rewarding the most productive members in our society.

2. Capitalism is most productive when private capital is combined with organized labor through a process of negotiated agreements; therefore the LCDP strongly supports laws and regulations which promote and protect the rights of people to organize into labor unions.

3. The best government is not necessarily the least government, but rather is the most efficient government which protects our economic system and those of society who are least able to protect themselves. To that end, the LCDP strongly supports laws and regulations which create opportunities for all people to participate in and enjoy the benefits of our economic system.

4. It is the responsibility of the state or federal government to provide a basic, but complete education to everyone who desires an education; to provide a health care system which guarantees access to all citizens in a fair and equitable manner; to provide all citizens with a social retirement program sufficient to maintain the basics of life including food, shelter, and medical care even when that person is unable to work due to age or infirmity; to provide a safe environment for life and property; to address our biggest environmental challenges, from protecting our Great Lakes to investing in clean energy solutions to preserving our natural wonders for future generations; and to provide an efficient and safe infrastructure for transportation and communication among its citizens.

5. It is the responsibility of all citizens to care for and support their children; to ensure that their children receive a proper education; to participate in our democracy by voting on issues and candidates at all elections, and to abide by those laws and rules of society which have been adopted in accordance with our state and federal constitutions.


elected officers

Our leadership team is elected by majority vote on an annual basis. If you’d like to become involved with the Avon Lake Democrats please join us and become a voting member!

Jean Sekulic, Chair



Jean Sekulic has been a Democrat since birth – she says, “it’s in her DNA.” She has been the Chair of the Avon Lake Democrats since 2005 and has served as a Precinct committeeperson since 1996.

From Cleveland, Ohio originally, Jean has lived in Avon Lake since 1986. She attended James Ford Rhodes High School and Lorain County Community College and worked as a Hairdresser for 51 years.

Her proudest accomplishments during her time Chairing the organization include:
• Membership growth and the Annual Picnic fundraiser which enables contributions to city and Lorain County-wide charities
• Support given to Democratic candidates through volunteering and monetary campaign donations

Jean is also proud to be extremely active in the Lorain County Democratic Party as a member of the Central and Executive Committees and to have made Avon Lake an active part of the Lorain County Party.

She states, “we have given a voice to Democrats in Avon Lake.”


Vice Chair

Henry Bertorelli grew up in New York City, the son of Roosevelt democrats. He had the democratic principles of social equality, egalitarianism, minority rights, and protection of the environment permanently affixed in his thought processes.

Henry worked for thirty-five years for a utility company supplying electric, gas and steam power to America’s largest metropolis. He worked many different positions within the company from a starting position as a meter reader, to his final position, prior to retiring, of Inspector.

Eventually, he found his way to the shores of Avon Lake, where he has resided since 2015.

The passion for the democratic ideas instilled in him by his parents has not wavered. He states “the need for those democratic principles has never been more obvious than now. These principles are what brought me to the Avon Lake Democrats and after meeting fellow like-minded individuals has kept me here.”

Henry serves as the Precinct Committee Person for 3C and he serves on The Lorain County Democratic Party Central and Executive Committees.

Bill Svec, Treasurer



Bill Svec was born into a Democratic family in Avon and graduated from Avon High School. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Dyke College and an Associates degree in Applied Business from Lorain County Community College. Bill moved to Avon Lake after marrying his wife, Coletta, almost 50 years ago.

Bill worked for two CPA firms, Mid-Continent Telephone Corporation, TRW, and retired from Moen, Inc..

A lifelong Democrat, Bill is one of the original founders of the Avon Lake Democrats which began in 1994 – 1995. Because of his accounting background, he has served as treasurer since its inception.

As Treasurer of the Avon Lake Democrats he is responsible for income, expenses, and Campaign Finance Reporting Deadlines throughout the year. These timely reports go to the Board of Elections and the Secretary of State.

Bill is also a member of the Lorain County Democratic Party Central Committee and serves as the Precinct Committee Person in Avon Lake for Ward 3A.

Bill is proud to be a Democrat! He states “the Democratic Party has always fought for the American working people which makes me proud.”


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